Course editors wanted
by Admin User - Monday, 23 March 2009, 06:04 PM

Are you an expert in a particular domain in aviation -- enough so to produce high-quality content on this site?

We are welcoming "applications" from such individuals, who would like to either create a new course (a great way to make sure you'll have a course to that fits exactly your needs) or contribute to existing courses.

If you are an ATPL student and would like to contribute to the quality of the QB as regards a particular topic (what better way to make a lasting imprint in your memory than to work with the Qs?!), we are looking for people who could help improve the site by categorising the Qs in the official JAA 'learning objective' categories. This will allow students to better focus on one subtopic at a time and make sure they cover it well enough before moving on in their books. (See Principles of Flight for an example.)

(There are also some spelling/grammar errors in certain Qs that we'd like to have corrected in the same go, without changing sentence structure too much as it is very important that the Qs remain the same as in JAA exams!This could be considered cosmetic, however.)

In either case, please send a personal message to the admin.