The courses on this site belong to one of the following types:

  • Theoretical training courses for the ATPL, CPL and/or IR syllabi in accordance with JAR/EASA FCL.
  • CAA theoretical training courses for PPL in accordance with JAR/EASA FCL, but according to different national CAA requirements -- knowing that there is still a fair bit of variation even within the JAA/EASA countries as regards PPL training.
  • Type training courses, whether for aircraft requiring a separate type rating or for SEP aircraft requiring simply familiarisation or differential training.

Questionnaires, or "quizzes", are always included under the respective courses, including the JAA CQB. So you will not find a huge question database containing all JAA questions, but they are all split by the topic (and quizzes can further be taken at the subtopic level, if you wish).

As to the JAA CQB and respective theoretical courses, we do not present separate versions for ATPL and CPL students. Instead, given that the CPL syllabus covers 80% of the ATPL syllabus, CPL students are presented all the same material as ATPL students, and are just told which topics they can skip — if they so wish. (We believe it is beneficial even for CPL students to know what the topics are that they have skipped, and entice them to learn more on topics that may well be of interest to them, even if not strictly required.) And if you are just about to enroll on a CPL theoretical course, you may still want to reconsider doing the full ATPL course instead, once and for all.

If you do not find a course that you are looking for, please request one to be created. And, if you feel competent, please volunteer to author one!

Last modified: Thursday, 3 December 2009, 09:33 AM