Guidelines and policies for uploading material on

To upload material on the site, you need to have Editing Instrcutor priviledges to the course in question. You can request such rights from Admin User either to an existing course or a new course of your own. Editing Instructors are typically flight or ground instructors.

Anyone can propose to submit new material on the site, even without being a flight instructor or otherwise formally qualified: send a message to Admin User; such contents will be screened by certified flight instructors or ground instructors before being published online.

About Copyrights

Please note that you should not upload material or suggest such material to be uploaded that you know would infringe upon the copyright holders' rights.

Copyright is an often misused term: basically any and all authors initially have the so called copyright to their own original work, but what counts here is whether the author (or subsequent assignees of such copyright) want to allow redistribution of the material. In many cases also "copyrighted" material (well, all material is somehow "copyrighted", even in the public domain, so the term says very little) can be redistributed.

To Authors

If, as an author, you want to make a clear statement about your work belonging to the public domain, you can publish it under the Creative Commons license, for example. But to publish your work on, we do not by any means require you to do so -- you can very well retain all rights to copy your work (and perhaps commercialise your work through othe channels) while giving users of the possibility to download a free copy. Unless you make any specific written statements about the license you'd grant, the usual legal framework applies.

Don't be discouraged by the complicated (and often unresolved) issues around copyright. If you haven't blatantly copied someone else's work you can post your own material here without any risk. (If you have, just be sure that this someone else would have nothing against you uploading it.) By uploading, you agree that can use the material, that's all -- end of licensing discussion.

Last modified: Sunday, 22 March 2009, 02:27 PM