grew from the need to provide an easily accessible, well-organised site for aviation-related knowledge. It addresses specifically the needs of flight instructors (and thus flight schools) who want to offer courses to students and track their progress.

A very useful part of are the actual JAA exam questions, which are categorised under each topic separately. Any student can sign up and practice for his/her ATPL or other CAA exams for as long as he/she likes, for free.

In addition to using the JAA exam questions, the site offers the possibility to set up one's own private aviation exams, be it for theoretical courses according to JAR/EASA FCL, or for club checkouts in different light aircraft types. We hope of course that as many users as possible would share their course materials/question databases with the rest of the aviation community.

While the organising and sharing the study materials here is one thing, automating the type checkout exams can be helpful for your club or flight school. (If you were not giving such exams, maybe you should consider starting to do so?!)

  • The student gets immediate feedback on his/her answers, and can benefit from the adaptive learning mode even if the exam is also graded.
  • The instructors only need to manually grade essay answers, which cannot be easily automated. For the rest (V speeds, landing distances, whatever is numerical or multiple choice), let it be automated!
  • Archives on student performance are kept on the site and backed up reliably, and can be downloaded in various formats.

Even if the founding philosphy of the site is in open collaboration between peers in the industry or in their hobbies, we obviously recognise the need for keeping all student information confidential, so that only the students themselves and their assigned instructors can view their progress data. Specific groups can also be created and users assigned to those groups so that only members of a group can view certain courses or parts of courses.

The intention is to keep the site free also in the future, and for that we rely on volunteers who help keep the contents of the site up to date. A significant contribution has already been made by the developers of Moodle, which allows for easy administration of courses and question databases, or quizzes as seen by the user. Despite the voluntary nature of participation, the site is hosted in a professional data centre and the site development done by professionals in their trade, thanks to them sharing a passion for aviation and all things flying.

Since the site is not yet officially launched, please bear with us if the presentation of all information is not yet quite final. And yes, we've recognised the lack of colour, but that is not our primary preoccupation today. Right now the focus is on adding new, meaningful and accurate content.

You can send a personal message to the Administrator of the site to request more rights for your user account in order to set up new courses or to adapt and modify a copy of an existing type training course, for example.

For general comments, you can also post them on the respective discussion forum.

Last modified: Thursday, 3 December 2009, 09:34 AM